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What is Valyrian.js

Valyrian.js is a progressive javascript framework whose sole purpose is to be lighter (2kb Base / 3.5kb Base+Router+XHR) but powerful enough to build production ready Progressive Web App's.

Core principles

  • Isomorphic: write code once for server and client. (Although browser specific events will not work on node).
  • Give the developer tools to generate all that its needed to build a Progressive Web App (SSR, icons, splash screens, manifest.json, service workers, etc).
  • The average developer must be able to learn the api and start building a PWA's in less than an hour.

Hello world example

const Component = () => v('h1', null, 'Hello world';
// Or with jsx
const Component = () => <h1>Hello worldh1>;

v.mount('body', Component);

hello world