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Get started - Lifecycle methods

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Lifecycle methods

With Valyrian.js, components don't have lifecycle, just Virtual dom nodes have them. You can apply the next lyfecycle methods to the Virtual dom:
  • oncreate
  • onbeforeupdate
  • onupdate
  • onremove
// Stateless component
let Component = (props, world) => <div {...props}>Hello {world}div>;

let lifecycle = {
  oncreate(newVnode) {
    // After dom element is created and attached to the document
    // You can access to the dom by the vnode.dom property

  onbeforeupdate(newVnode, oldVnode) {
    // before dom element is updated
    // if you return false the update step is skipped
    console.log(newVnode, oldVnode);

  onupdate(newVnode, oldVnode) {
    // after dom element is updated
    console.log(newVnode, oldVnode);

  onremove(oldVnode) {
    // Before dom element is removed
    // This is the last chance to get the dom properties

v(Component, lifecycle, 'World');
// Or 
<Component {...lifecycle}> World Component>